Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How I got my students to stop Tattling

                                              Tree House Art and Tattle Tale Monster
Whew!!  We are winding down and having fun!  It is a challenge to keep the kids busy though, especially in between events!  My students seem to have blossomed just in the last few weeks or so... it is amazing to see them grow - playing board games, enjoying books together, and what great artists they have become! This tree house art project turned out great!  You can either find a tree in a magazine to recreate, or draw your own.  Leave the tree blank for coloring and let them use their imagination to build their own treehouse on top.  My students drew the plans for their tree house in journals as a draft, and then they drew it again with details on the tree paper.
This is adorable!

I have also noticed in the last month that the "tattle tale" phenomenon has gotten worse.  It seems that our tattle monster is eating a lot lately!  I recently added a "Compliment Monster" to give a positive spin.  He is eating a lot too, but not as much as the Tattle Monster - lol.  The kids helped me come up with a poem for the newest addition. I got the idea for the Tattle Monster (and the idea for the design of the compliment monster) from Giggles Galore.
Tattle Tale Monster

Tattle Tale Poem from Giggles Galore

Compliment Monster

Compliment Monster poem the students helped write

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Inferential Art

Inferential Art, Literacy Activity

 For the literacy project they enjoyed the book "Window" by Jeannie Baker.  This is an activity that increases inferential skills.  Each picture builds as the story shows the life changes of one character through drawings.  The different illustrations all take place at his bedroom window for each page.  There are no words, only pictures to infer from, which gives the reader insight as to the "what, when, and where" of the story.  The children really enjoyed trying to figure out each page.  We had a mini lesson about inferring before the activity, read the book, and then they drew what it looked like from their bedroom window so they could hopefully save and look at in the future to see what has changed.
Windows by Jeannie Baker
Main character as an infant with window scene

Masterpiece from on of my student :) Notice the BDay card on the window sill with a 7 for her age

On another day, I had them involved in activities with science.  We have been studying animals and plants. One day we reviewed what we had learned about animals as a mini lesson.  We created a chart together to classify and organize what we had learned.  I gave them a writing starter which was a golden egg picture I got out of a magazine.  They then created an imaginary animal that came out of the egg.  They had to draw a picture, classify, and describe telling what its habitat was, unusual activities it had, etc.  They shared, and all enjoyed seeing what could be thought up!

Finished product

For the Plants Unit, we read non fiction book about plants and how they grow in fields.  The book involved preparing the soil and how the plants developed over time with the right amount of rain and sun.  They then drew their own field.  I love the picture below drawn by one of my students.

Strawberries!  Yum!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Reasons I Love My Mom Mother's Day Craft

Ok, well it has taken me months to get this much done on my blog!  Wow, what a learning curve for me.  I am still learning so if I say or do something crazy with all this... let me know.  I teach first grade in Ga. and am ready for this year to be over.  It has been very challenging because of the group of students I had this year.  Don't get me wrong I love everyone of them, but it has been one of those years  :)  Anyway, I love literacy centers which is one reason I made a blog.  I love sharing with others and see what great ideas everyone has. They give me an outlet to be creative. As time goes, I hope to share more on literacy centers in Kindergarten since that is what I will be teaching next year.  I also enjoy projects to go with holidays and science/social studies units we are working on.

One project we have been working on is for Mother's Day (I saw in a magazine and just extended it).  I know it is late for those who might want an idea, but maybe it can be used for next year!
  •  I had the children write on strips of paper (one side has a cute pattern and one side is white) the reasons they love their mom.  They wrote about ten each. 
  • They then decorated a piece of white/light weight cardboard (cut to fit the top of the containers I used) with stickers and small silk flowers - Some put pastel dots or squiggles with marker.  
  • I had some clear plastic containers with lids and the cardboard was hot glued to the lid by me.  
  • Next I helped them attach a label that said "Reasons I Love My Mom" that I printed off the computer, with a sweet flower border, and cut the edges with pinking shears.  
  • They curled the strips around a pencil and put the strips of paper into the container, along with a handful of foam hearts. 
  • I also hot glued a ribbon around the top edge and they put a few more stickers around the labels.

They turned out so cute!
Finished gifts
The lid top

Strips the students curled around a pencil with a handful of hearts