Monday, May 13, 2013

Reasons I Love My Mom Mother's Day Craft

Ok, well it has taken me months to get this much done on my blog!  Wow, what a learning curve for me.  I am still learning so if I say or do something crazy with all this... let me know.  I teach first grade in Ga. and am ready for this year to be over.  It has been very challenging because of the group of students I had this year.  Don't get me wrong I love everyone of them, but it has been one of those years  :)  Anyway, I love literacy centers which is one reason I made a blog.  I love sharing with others and see what great ideas everyone has. They give me an outlet to be creative. As time goes, I hope to share more on literacy centers in Kindergarten since that is what I will be teaching next year.  I also enjoy projects to go with holidays and science/social studies units we are working on.

One project we have been working on is for Mother's Day (I saw in a magazine and just extended it).  I know it is late for those who might want an idea, but maybe it can be used for next year!
  •  I had the children write on strips of paper (one side has a cute pattern and one side is white) the reasons they love their mom.  They wrote about ten each. 
  • They then decorated a piece of white/light weight cardboard (cut to fit the top of the containers I used) with stickers and small silk flowers - Some put pastel dots or squiggles with marker.  
  • I had some clear plastic containers with lids and the cardboard was hot glued to the lid by me.  
  • Next I helped them attach a label that said "Reasons I Love My Mom" that I printed off the computer, with a sweet flower border, and cut the edges with pinking shears.  
  • They curled the strips around a pencil and put the strips of paper into the container, along with a handful of foam hearts. 
  • I also hot glued a ribbon around the top edge and they put a few more stickers around the labels.

They turned out so cute!
Finished gifts
The lid top

Strips the students curled around a pencil with a handful of hearts

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