Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How I got my students to stop Tattling

                                              Tree House Art and Tattle Tale Monster
Whew!!  We are winding down and having fun!  It is a challenge to keep the kids busy though, especially in between events!  My students seem to have blossomed just in the last few weeks or so... it is amazing to see them grow - playing board games, enjoying books together, and what great artists they have become! This tree house art project turned out great!  You can either find a tree in a magazine to recreate, or draw your own.  Leave the tree blank for coloring and let them use their imagination to build their own treehouse on top.  My students drew the plans for their tree house in journals as a draft, and then they drew it again with details on the tree paper.
This is adorable!

I have also noticed in the last month that the "tattle tale" phenomenon has gotten worse.  It seems that our tattle monster is eating a lot lately!  I recently added a "Compliment Monster" to give a positive spin.  He is eating a lot too, but not as much as the Tattle Monster - lol.  The kids helped me come up with a poem for the newest addition. I got the idea for the Tattle Monster (and the idea for the design of the compliment monster) from Giggles Galore.
Tattle Tale Monster

Tattle Tale Poem from Giggles Galore

Compliment Monster

Compliment Monster poem the students helped write


  1. Such a cute compliment monster! How long have you been using it?
    Ili from GrumpyDumpling

    1. This is my second year. It's so funny how it works so well! My kids truly write notes to put inside, and take the rules seriously (only the teacher can take them out to read). Of course I only read the compliments. Their notes are so cute!