Saturday, October 26, 2013

Free Gravity Printable My Students Loved

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I love teaching Science and Social Studies, especially to kindergarteners.  They are so full of amazement about the world around them and want to understand why things are the way they are.  The concept of gravity has been a popular one for my students.  They have enjoyed exploring and doing experiments.  To introduce gravity, I had the kids color some leaves and acorns, cut them out and stand in a circle.  We all threw our leaves into the air and watched them fall.  I then had the kids collect them, lay down on the floor face up, and I let them fall as they looked up.  See the pics below... Their laughter is so contagious :)  After, we had discussions about what gravity was and read some books, my favorite is

  Check out my complete unit on gravity at my Teacher Pay Teacher page.  I have a printable with the leaves to color below, as a free download.

The students cut out and colored leaves from  my science unit on gravity.  Free download of leaves below.

Check out the rest of the unit at my TPT store 

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