Monday, November 18, 2013

Free Thanksgiving Downloads

Turkey Disguise, Native American Activity, and Thankful Card

I managed to scan the patterns for the turkeys and Indian Pouch I spoke of in my previous post below:

Finished Disguised Turkey

                                                                     download here

                                                                    download here

Finished Pouches with beads - they love these!

My students will enjoy a Thanksgiving Breakfast Feast this Thursday.  They will dress like pilgrims, sing for their parents, and tell what they are thankful for.  I find they get tongue tied when they have to speak in front of the parents so came up with this activity.  Now they just have to look at the pictures inside their card, and a bonus was they practiced writing words that have a visual meaning.

Front of card

Collage inside with words

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Native American Center

Native American Fireside!

My students continue to enjoy our themed centers that integrate Social Studies!  We still have our Pilgrim Settlement in our Word Work Center (see previous post), and now we are busy reading in our Native American Class Library. After the students make Native American head dress and colorful pouches to hang around their necks with beads  (I will try to remember to scan the pouch pattern for download here tomorrow), I have been reading Native American legends and fables around our Native American fire side.  I put some colorful tissue paper resembling fire and a flash light in a container.  They love dressing up around the campfire and can't wait to hear the stories.  Now we are putting the campfire in the Class Library and they can enjoy as a center.  I will put all the books in one bin, they can read (or try and look at the pictures, and write/draw about what they read.  Very engaging and they love it!!

Our first graders at our school disguised turkeys so they wouldn't be eaten :)  Look at the cute ideas below.  I will also try to scan that pattern as well and have it for download tomorrow.

They are adorable!  

We have been busy with geometry and learning positional words while integrating literature and reading.  We read Rosie's Walk, by Pat Hutchins for shared reading.  Below is a Map with a Rosie on a string to actively move according to the words learned.  They also enjoyed stick Puppets and a story wheel (all shown below).  These can all be found at my TPT store.


    I also have a complete positional words Unit with many more activities in my TPR store - see below.  

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Great Choices for Literacy Centers

My kindergarteners can't wait!!  Pilgrim Literacy centers!!

My students love literacy centers!  I've been experimenting to see what works best for them.  They love to have choices.  I've always given choices in certain centers like Word Work, but decided to expand this to other centers as well.  In the Listening Center, I put out about 7 books.  Of course I spent some time with my students to make sure they could be independent by following the stickers on the player, gently opening and closing the bag containers, and using one book at a time.  I'm happy to say they have really taken ownership of their centers and treat them with respect.  I did the same with my Retelling Center.  I put heavy duty velcro on the bags and hung them under a shelf in this area.  They have done a great job and love, love, love to retell to each other.
I use this hanger for the bags.  The also complete a response sheet with one story when they visit the center.

I put the puppets, sequencing cards, and all other activities in each bag.  Check out my TPT store for some of these puppets and cards I made myself.

My Word Work Center is my most popular among the students. I think this is because I have a theme for each month. I found this center to be a bit dry if it doesn't have lots of hands on activities, especially for kindergarteners. This month we are reading a lot of books about the pilgrims and how they lived long ago. Our center is our own Pilgrim Settlement. The kids help add things as we go... but for now we have Lincoln Logs for building the settlement, teepees and a fire for an Indian Village, plenty of logs to build fences, gardens, and even an outdoor oven. Next week, the kids have asked to add corn for the garden, which I'm working on now. I have the students label their settlement with cards once built. They then can use the pilgrim finger puppets to use the words on the cards in their play. Great vocabulary activity! Of course there are plenty of other activities to choose from when they are done playing. There are "growing corn" sequencing cards, and sight word turkey activities. Check out my TPT store for the labels and finger puppet patterns. 

My student's favorite book about the pilgrims.
Entrance to the center with pilgrim dress long ago and various pictures. 

I thought the kids were brilliant as they made a half done cabin on their own!

Cute finger puppets - the kids love them.  Check them out on my TPT.