Sunday, November 17, 2013

Native American Center

Native American Fireside!

My students continue to enjoy our themed centers that integrate Social Studies!  We still have our Pilgrim Settlement in our Word Work Center (see previous post), and now we are busy reading in our Native American Class Library. After the students make Native American head dress and colorful pouches to hang around their necks with beads  (I will try to remember to scan the pouch pattern for download here tomorrow), I have been reading Native American legends and fables around our Native American fire side.  I put some colorful tissue paper resembling fire and a flash light in a container.  They love dressing up around the campfire and can't wait to hear the stories.  Now we are putting the campfire in the Class Library and they can enjoy as a center.  I will put all the books in one bin, they can read (or try and look at the pictures, and write/draw about what they read.  Very engaging and they love it!!

Our first graders at our school disguised turkeys so they wouldn't be eaten :)  Look at the cute ideas below.  I will also try to scan that pattern as well and have it for download tomorrow.

They are adorable!  

We have been busy with geometry and learning positional words while integrating literature and reading.  We read Rosie's Walk, by Pat Hutchins for shared reading.  Below is a Map with a Rosie on a string to actively move according to the words learned.  They also enjoyed stick Puppets and a story wheel (all shown below).  These can all be found at my TPT store.


    I also have a complete positional words Unit with many more activities in my TPR store - see below.  

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