Saturday, December 14, 2013

FREE DOWNLOAD! Winter Wonderland Kindergarten Word Work Center

Winter Wonderland Animal Habitat for Word Work Center  - Tpt Free download

My students are enjoying my new center theme for word work.  I put various materials such as twine, boxes, laminated shapes of paper to resemble a lake, river, and burrow, small blocks, paper bags for bird's nests etc.  I read them a book called, Winter Animals, and we discussed other animals and where they go, or what they do in the winter.  They built habitats and then labeled them using my laminated labels with vocabulary words with pictures as visuals.  Also, I made puppets of the animals (real photos on pop sticks) to use for dramatic play. They used the vocabulary words as they played with the puppets. They were given fuzzy snow, and small twigs for the surroundings.  They loved it so much that they constantly asked me to take pictures of their habitats. And!!!  it is such an age appropriate way to learn to read informative words.  For site words I took a large container and filled it with cotton balls.  I then took some small snowflake foam cutouts I already had, glued tiny sight words on the flakes.  They had to find the flakes within the "snow" and use a magnifying glass to read.  They then used scrabble pieces and holder to build the word.  I'm putting a FREE DOWNLOAD in my TPT store of the pics I used and the tiny words.  Here are some of the photos the kids wanted me to take.  
deer habitat
bear cave
various items used to build their habitats

stick puppets
labels for items the students build
sight words in the snow


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