Monday, February 3, 2014

Free Science Ideas and Literacy Fun for Valentines Day!

Animal Habitats  and  Valentine Notes
We have been having so much fun with animals in science.  The kids have been sorting, writing, reading, creating and more.  These are just a couple of examples of their 3D habitats they created in one of our centers.  They loved drawing the background and then adding 3D details.  I put another plate (cut out) to give it a box frame feel.  They are hung outside our door and look adorable!  
For full lesson plans on my animal centers check out my TPT store.  Another unit that goes great with the animal unit is the Wintertime Animal Wonderland with Words which is FREE :)  

Rainforest and Desert scene/habitat

We also had a bird's nest building center.  I put a real bird's nest in the center of the table.  I folded down paper sacks, had the kids collect items outside a bird might put into a nest and let them decorate.  They love it.  Also, we have been watching the live eagle cam with a mother and father bird sitting on their eggs.  It is so interesting and they can't wait until the eggs hatch. Here is the link...

Folded down paper sacks, pine straw, leaves, bits of string and plastic, a few beads etc.
Glue and done :)
 We have also been very busy starting to write our sweet notes to our friends.  This is the mailbox I use in my literacy center The kids love it!  They write who the Valentine or note is To and From.  On the inside a nice note.  A chosen postman or postwoman in the classroom delivers them at the end of the day.  I just used a large shoebox, cardboard for the flag, a brad so the flag would go up and down,and contact paper.  Download the postal emblem here.  Enjoy pre made cards, valentine coupon books, writing and more at my TPT store in my Valentine's writing unit.