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  Hi everybody!! My name is Lisa and I work in Georgia, currently teaching Kindergarten.  I graduated from Auburn University ---WAR EAGLE!!--- and received my masters degree from North Georgia University and College. Though I'm teaching general education, my degrees are both in special education.  Needless to say, I love hands on teaching and thrive on the chance to get creative! When our school tracked toward "Literacy Centers", I found another outlet to get creative.  Little did I know how much my students would also love the centers.  I found they enjoy writing, reading, and working with word concepts so much more!  They can't wait for centers to begin and are engaged in their learning while I give individual help and guidance with small reading groups. I have so much to give back to my students for their smiles and unconditional love they give me. My centers have become such a gift to my students, and a way to give back to them, which is why  I decided to name my blog "An Apple for my Class".
     I am happily married to my best friend and have been married for 36 years.  I am blessed to have three beautiful adopted children from Colombia, South America.  Adopting my children was the highlight of my life, and they continue to be the highlight of my life along with my husband.  They are all in their early 20's, unique, and wonderful. Our family also includes two lovable dogs who were also adopted of course :) One is a Carin Terror who is sweet and spunky named Ellie May.  The other is a Pit Bull, a breed I never thought I would have, named Bella.  Boy has she opened our eyes as she has been the most lovable, big baby dog you can imagine.  She loves to cuddle and loves people.
 I'm also a yoga instructor and have my 200 hour certification.  My passion is to share yoga and hope to add a "yoga blog" ... when I get the hang of all this... to share ways teachers and others can relax. I also love to nest, cook, and do projects in my home, especially during the summer. 
     I hope to share with others and learn from others on my blog, and thank you to everyone who tunes in.  


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