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 to my classroom.  I started literacy centers - Daily 5 this year in my Kindergarten Class.  Literacy centers take me back to my days getting my bachelors degree in education.  I remember we had to create a huge box full of handmade games and activities to reinforce language and reading skills.  Of course back then we didn't have personal computers and the Internet.  The games were all created with our hands and often didn't last long since laminating really wasn't available like it is today.  So, now we are coming back to the games and activities using literacy centers, while encouraging students to explore and independently practice language and reading skills.  This past year I embarked on the Daily 5 as my centers. See my post about the Daily 5 and all it had to offer me and my classroom.
These are some of the centers I have set up.  I am still learning, and add new ideas everyday. My students can't wait until we have center time with the Daily 5 :)
"Buddy Read: 

"Work on Writing"

Read to Self

This is one of the many activities I do with my students to practice cooperation.  Learning to cooperate is essential for our classroom to run smoothly.

I hope this gives an idea of how my Daily 5 literacy centers work.  This is a very slimmed down version, but as time goes on, I will share more.  I also have math centers which work slightly differently, and again I will share another time.  Thank you for visiting and I welcome comments or suggestions!!

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